Bowman provides standard samples for XRF coating thickness and elemental analysis instruments.
We provide single-layer and multi-layer foil, as well as combination plating of common thicknesses, suitable for Aluminum, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, gold, iron, indium, lead, nickel and electroless nickel plating, palladium, platinum, rhodium, silver, tantalum, tin, titanium and zinc, etc...
We offer NIST* compliant standard films and can recertify standard sheets.
XRF calibration procedures are performed in Bowman's ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.
*National Institute of Standards and Technology

The Bowman Full-Service Standards Laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited for calibration. View our Scope of Accreditation and our Certificate of Accreditation.


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